Moving to a new apartment

Moving to a new place of residence is always an important event, even when it comes to temporary housing. Everyone wants that with the change of apartment, all the troubles are left behind, and happiness and prosperity settle at a new address, so many are interested in the question of when is it better to move to a new apartment in 2017 and in subsequent years, and how best to arrange a move in order to lure luck best movers in san francisco.

Moving to a new apartment from the old — how to do it
If you do not know what to do when moving to a new apartment, then take on arms numerous popular beliefs.

You need to start the right move to a new apartment in the old place of housing. To do this, do the following:

carry out a full cleaning, pack the necessary, and throw out unnecessary items, do not leave things in someone else’s hands that can be used to slander or curse;
before leaving, sprinkle a little stuff in the apartment as a sign of gratitude and that the new tenants will remember you with pleasure;
if the whole family moves to a new apartment, then an old broom is taken with a wish that the kind and benevolent family of the house move to a new house, if relatives remain in the house, this is not necessary;
you should not take an old broom if you move to an apartment where people used to live, since there should already be your good spirit.
Signs when moving to new housing claim that when you first visit new housing you can’t enter the room empty-handed, it is advisable to immediately bring in some thing, for example, a stool.

Before the family moves completely, you need to clean the house. To do this, they carry out repairs or full cleaning, and wash all surfaces with salted water, washing off all the unfavorable aura and possible misfortunes.

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Signs when moving to a new apartment
There are numerous traditions of moving to a new apartment, which relate directly to the process of moving.

Much attention is paid to the first step on the threshold. The recommendations and rituals when moving to a new apartment are different — the oldest person in the family, a cat (own and preferably black), a dog. Since not every family has a cat, and it is not recommended to take a stranger, today this sign has been simplified before introducing a black cat or dog figurine into the apartment. In the future, it is left as a talisman.

Immediately after the move, it is necessary to perform the appropriate rituals when moving to a new apartment:

remove all old mirrors, as this is the most energetically charged object in any room;
light a fire in different rooms (put candles or walk with a burning lighter), since fire, like water, perfectly cleans the space;
put on the floor a saucer with milk, porridge or sweets to attract and please the brownie;
open the windows and drain the water in the taps to attract all the elements;
arrange a small feast for everyone involved in the move.
To have time to complete the move and related ceremonies, start it long before evening. The Gazelkin freight taxi company accepts travel orders at any time of the day or week.

When is it better to move to a new apartment according to the lunar calendar and other signs
There are many rules for determining what day to move to a new apartment, including, according to the lunar calendar, day of the week, feng shui, and so on.

The most difficult thing is to find out which moon to move to a new apartment. To do this, there are special lunar calendars for travel for each year and month. To find out when it is better to move in November, just find the favorable dates for this month on the calendar.

The creators of horoscopes claim that:

moving to the growing moon in a new apartment will be favorable, especially if its position corresponds to Taurus or Aquarius,
not recommended when the moon passes through Fish, Leo, Scorpio or Cancer.
Moving to a new apartment on the new moon is considered neutral for new residents;
Moving the full moon to a new apartment or on days of a solar eclipse will be most unfavorable.
The rules for determining what time of the year it is better to move are associated with the lunar calendar. Autumn is considered the most favorable season, and the day for moving to Semenov’s new home on September 14 is especially recommended. It is recommended that the summer move be delayed until the first days of autumn.

There are certain rules on which day of the week it is better to move, and when not to:

Monday and Friday are not recommended as the most difficult days.
The environment is suitable for moving to temporary housing, as it is believed that people who moved on this day do not stay long on the spot. Use this sign if you do not like the apartment, and you want to find something more worthy.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the most favorable days for moving to a new apartment, as these are days of happy changes.
Sunday is the best day for moving to a new apartment for those who will devote this day to rest, and will put all the trouble on moving to others, for example, the Gazelkin freight taxi company.

It is advisable to study the calendar of moving to a new house in advance in order not only to determine a suitable date, but also to pack things, arrange a day off and order a cargo taxi for a specific time.

Moving to a new home — gifts and guests
If the question of when you can move to a new apartment is resolved, then it’s time to start inviting guests.

Housewarming with a large number of guests and plentiful refreshments is not necessary to arrange immediately. First arrange the furniture, put the house in order, and then set a holiday.

The customs when moving to a new apartment also apply to gifts placed on housewarming. Modern unspoken rules determine that the new settlers themselves determine what gifts they expect from guests. When determining the list, be guided in equal shares by the practical benefits and favorable signs that recommend:

all objects that can be filled with water — dishes, vases, an aquarium, as a wish for a long life;
the symbol of well-being is a table, as well as other objects with a flat surface, for example, dishes, trays;
as a wish for wealth — items made of wool, or its analogues, such as blankets, rugs, rugs.
In addition to favorable gifts, traditions establish a number of prohibitions, which are also worth remembering and observing:

Do not allow bedding to be shared as this is too personal an item that only close family members should choose.
Do not bring sharp objects. If you offer a set of knives, then do not take it as a gift, but give a bill or several coins for it, i.e. transfer gift to purchase.
Do not invite people who are unpleasant to you for housewarming, even if they are relatives.
Observance of folk rituals and competent organization of relocation — this is the main guarantee of a successful solution to the issue of new housing.

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